Mandi Lopez

I have been teaching Ballroom & Social dance to beginners and advanced dancers throughout Arizona and Northern California since 2005.  I truly believe (because I've seen it) that ANYONE can learn to dance.  I tailor each lesson to my student's specific learning style so that they may learn as easily and comfortably as possible. I look forward to meeting you and helping you step out onto whatever dance floor is in your future.


Mandi was my main ballroom dance instructor for seven years in Phoenix and then Mesa Arizona. In fact I followed her to Mesa. I initially started lessons to learn enough rhythm dancing to have the most fun possible at a friends wedding in Lima, Peru. Mandi made dancing so much fun and challenging I just kept going. Now, over ten years later, I still take dance lessons and love every single minute of them. 
Mandi is the most professional, knowledgeable and reliable instructor I have met. She makes every minute about you and only wants you to get better and have the most fun possible doing it. I highly recommend Mandi as a dance instructor.

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