Dance Testimonials

"Mandi was my main ballroom dance instructor for seven years in Phoenix and then Mesa Arizona. In fact I followed her to Mesa. I initially started lessons to learn enough rhythm dancing to have the most fun possible at a friends wedding in Lima, Peru. Mandi made dancing so much fun and challenging I just kept going. Now, over ten years later, I still take dance lessons and love every single minute of them. 

Mandi is the most professional, knowledgeable and reliable instructor I have met. She makes every minute about you and only wants you to get better and have the most fun possible doing it. I highly recommend Mandi as a dance instructor."              - Mike R.

"So thankful I was lead to you first because otherwise I would never have felt safe enough to want to learn to love dancing."

- Marianne

"One of the best decisions I ever made!! I am obsessed with how happy it makes me!"      - Paula

Yoga Testimonials

“My husband and I took yoga this morning and it was lovely. Mandi was patient and kind and welcoming. Being a plus size yogi this was very comforting. Thank you for a great class. Cant wait for my next class.”

- Beckah

"I wanted to thank you for coming into my life. I have learned and will continue to learn how to care and heal my body with all that we continue to do!! LOVE YOU!"

- Dianna 

"Loved the slow and restorative pace!  Was much needed!"

- Julia